Line of Business Analysis and
Rate of Development
Business leaders can make better decisions about insourcing & outsourcing when they know the true cost of a given service. Large businesses and government agencies have an internal IT organization that operates either on a cost recovery basis or is funded by general funds.  Departments usually complain about the rates charged for network and telecom services.

Z Consulting Group can assist in understanding cost and rate structure using the following step-by-step process:

  1. Lines of Business analysis involving all costs and funding sources for voice, LAN, WAN, wireless, IPTV, and computing products and services.
  2. Activity based cost (ABC) analysis addressing the usage for each service allocated across major customer groups.
  3. Build awareness for stakeholders regarding technology services and their costs.
  4. Peer and Market Reviews communicating to stakeholders’ market rates for similar services.
  5. Alternate Rate and Funding Models providing choices culturally acceptable for the institution.